Are you having a hard time nabbing a suitable phone contract deal? If so, you're not alone in your struggles. In fact, thousands of other customers in the UK are dealing with the same hassles all because of bad credit rating stamping them as high risk customers.
You may already have applied with several providers only to be turned down each time. You may even think that you'll never get approved at all. Fortunately, you came to the right place at the right time. At Meta Mobile, our job is to help people like you find just the right deal at a price friendly enough for your pockets. Regardless of bad credit history, we promise to give a phone contract where approval is more than likely.

Who is Meta Mobile?

Meta Mobile is your number solution when it comes to bad credit mobile phones. As one of the top and trusted application websites online, Meta Mobile has catered to a diverse group of UK customers providing them a chance to apply for a mobile phone contract with some guarantee of approval.
We understand how major providers can be strict with their assessment rules on applications especially if you have bad credit. To avoid the risks, they often turn down applications. Filling that gap in the market, Meta Mobile was established to focus solely on helping people with bad credit, just like you, avoid rejections upon rejections. In other words, we exist to ensure that you'll get a phone contract no matter your bad credit rating.

What We Do?

Focus on helping people with bad credit, Meta Mobile specializes in scouting, searching and hunting the mobile market for affordable and suitable phone deals we offer for each customer. As experts in this industry, we not only know where to look but we also understand how to tailor phone offers to your individual circumstance perfectly. With our knowledge and experience, approval for your application is almost always guaranteed.
To further give you a wide array of choices to check and peruse, we partner with other trusted providers online so we can continually expand and add to your phone contract options. At the end of the day, all you have to do is choose the right deal from what we expertly picked up for you. You can also start comparing deals at to get the lay of choices in the market today.

Why Meta Mobile?

Meta Mobile has several advantages to offer our customers but you should choose us mainly for three reasons - value, convenience and high acceptance rate.
We are known to offer value because we've always been committed to find phone offers that are not only suitable for your situation but also to your budget. Our offers are priced reasonably and accordingly not to mention that application with us is completely free.
On the note of application, our transactions with customers are all online hence topnotch convenience wherever you may be in the UK. You can apply for a phone contract at the comforts of your home, receive a response within minutes and expect delivery within a day or two. Applying for a phone contract has never been easier and faster than this.
More importantly, Meta Mobile is famous for our high acceptance rates. As long as you meet the requirements and follow our super easy three-step application process, approval is always a high likelihood. We rarely encounter rejections because we know where to look and we know who to connect with.

Why Bad Credit Phones?

If you have bad credit and has always struggled to get approved for a phone contract, opting for bad credit phones makes perfect sense. Such phone options are not only widely available online but they're also tailored in a way that it gets around bad credit issues. In other words, choosing bad credit phones means you don't have to worry about your credit rating to get in the way of your approval.
Again, it's all about choosing the right deal which we will help you with or you can also click here for more guidelines and useful tips with regard to phone selection.

What are the Requirements?

To make it even easier for customers, we require only the most basic requirements. First, you have to be of legal age, that is 18 years old and above. Then you have to be a resident of UK and you should provide proof of regular income. And that's just about it.
If you meet the aforementioned basic requirements, can go ahead and follow our fast and quick application process below. In no time at all, you'll have a phone contract you can enjoy and use to meet your lifestyle needs.

Fast and Quick Application

If you're ready to apply, simple follow our three-step application process. First, fill out our online application form which will only take seconds to complete. After which, choose a deal from our offers that are tailored according to your needs. Now, for the last step, wait for a response regarding approval within minutes. Once approved, you'll receive your phone within 24 to 48 hours.

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